TRAK series

Cost-Effective RFID Hard Tags

for Asset Tracking in the Factory and the Warehouse

The Xerafy TRAK series offers cost-effective RFID hard tags optimized for the Factory and the Warehouse to deliver real-time visibility for every workflow and lifecycle.

Their conception draws on Xerafy's field experience with indoor industrial applications and how to meet their requirements and constraints, with hard RFID tags that offer performance and durability at the right cost, alongside the OUTDOOR long range, and METAL SKIN printable tags.

The UHF RAIN RFID hard tags are versatile tagging solutions optimized to perform independently from the asset surface material and the mounting system:

  • Cost-effective tags to provide superior value in any Industrial RFID system

  • Versatile RF performance optimized for industrial surfaces - Metal, Plastic, Wood

  • Sizes and profiles to fit any space available for tagging

  • Flexible mounting systems - Adhesive, Epoxy, Tethering hole, Zip tie, Cord, Wire

  • Global and Regional RFID frequency versions available

Xerafy RFID Tags Product Guide



The First Choice

For Versatile Options

The Xerafy Versa Trak is optimized to deliver performance and versatility at the most competitive price.

It is manufactured to meet the high performance that customers expect from RFID on-metal tags while providing outstanding performance on non-metallic assets.

Versa Trak.jpg



The Universal Choice For Visibility

The Xerafy Data Trak II is a cost-effective RFID solution for systems that require a versatile tag to be read on and off metal.
It provides an optimal tagging solution in logistics, warehouses, data centers, financial services, where cost and versatility are at a premium.

Xerafy Data Trak II X0330-US011-H3 X330-EU011-H3



The Best Choice

For A Slimmer Tag

The Xerafy Slim Trak is a cost-effective hard tag with a very slim profile, offering versatile on and off metal asset tracking performance.

Designed with source-tagging in mind, the Xerafy Slim
Trak can be integrated into the recess of metal assets without compromising on RF performance.

Xerafy Slim Trak X0320-GL001-H3



The Best Choice For Global Visibility

The Xerafy Global Trak is a global frequency, versatile on and off-metal RFID tag ideal for global asset tracking.
Its size makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of
assets, at a cost-effective price.

global trak.jpg


The Xerafy TRAK series of RFID hard tags provides versatile on-off metal RF solutions for systems reliant on cost-effective asset tracking without sacrificing performance:
RTI InventoryTransportation and LogisticsAutomated WarehouseWork-In-ProcessData Center AutomationIT Asset InventoryUtility Industry.

Xerafy Application Guide.png