Industrial RFID

Since 2010

Asset Tracking, Counting, Analyzing, Monitoring:
Driving Innovation in Industrial RFID
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Companies all over the world run their operations on Xerafy RFID to track, count, analyze, and monitor their assets.

Xerafy's passive UHF tagging and sensing solutions, and deep industry and application experience give businesses the visibility and data they need to perform better, from their largest equipment to their tiniest tools.



Our Authorized Partners assist businesses all around the world with their Industrial RFID deployments



At Xerafy, we believe in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Manufacturers and end-users develop smart connected assets using our technology, allowing for more efficient business operations and new product capabilities.

Our mission: To push the technological boundaries and solve the operational issues holding back Industry 4.0.

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Xerafy was founded by a team of experienced RFID tag developers who got together to solve the problems faced by industrial customers

Customers needed to manage small assets like hands tools, manufacturing molds, industrial equipment, medical devices. They wanted tags small enough to embed or attach to their assets but rugged enough to survive the extreme temperatures, humidity, and rough handling that are the norm in industrial environments. 


The traditional bar codes solutions available had already demonstrated too many limitations including line-of-sight, distance, automation, and durability.

The Xerafy team came together to develop a breakthrough Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) design. Unlike others, it would take advantage of the metal in its surrounding, instead of being limited by it.


Industrial RFID was born, with the world’s smallest and most rugged on-metal tag coming to the market in 2010. Incremental innovations in passive tags have since expanded the scope of what is possible in Industrial RFID.

The company decided to name themselves Xerafy to symbolize the smallest EPC UHF RAIN RFID tag to verify and quantify assets.

Since then, our technology has been distinguished by EY, Frost & Sullivan, GS1, RFID Journal, AIconics, and Red Herring.

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