Industrial RFID Systems for the Utility Industry

From Waste management to Telco towers, the Utility industry knows how to manage equipment in the field: RFID systems help capture the data needed for operational efficiency.

Governments learn from businesses and adapt their asset tracking best practices to Weapon Management and Smart City initiatives.




  1. Tags qualified by leading industry players and proven in the field

  2. Waterproof and weatherproof tags - For optimal outdoor performance

  3. Advanced attachment and removal options - Screws, rivets, zip ties, industry-grade adhesives

  4. Long-range, high-accuracy RFID - Suited to environments with a high density of metal

  5. User memory and unique identifiers



How to achieve optimal read-range and accuracy? How do you embed an RFID tag?

Xerafy RFID Tags include both On-Metal as well as In-Metal options, with customization services available. Xerafy RFID enables utility companies to deliver the uptime, availability, and performance expected from them.

Xerafy RFID Tags and Labels Product Guid


Municipalities and Utilities leverage RFID systems to improve the operational efficiency of their waste collection and management operations.

Buiding on rugged RFID tags applied on waste bins, they develop their own solutions or deploy tracking solutions from specialized service providers. Data collected in the field help manage waste collection capacity in real-time and drive quality of service across expanding collection networks.

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Police Departments and law enforcement bodies are actively using RFID tags for their Weapon management.

Real-time visibility allows for added safety and accountability while simplifying inventory and compliance in the field.

Police Patch


Telcos and Mobile Operators leverage Xerafy RFID to manage the equipment they deployed in the field to support their voice, data, and wireless networks, as well as their day-to-day operations.

Teams on the ground work alongside many suppliers and service providers, with each operating in a silo with their infrastructure, systems, processes.

In a market where uptime of the tower and quality of service are a critical differentiator, enabling a unified asset identifier or a centralized asset management system becomes critical in terms of operational efficiency and competitiveness.

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Smart Grids start with embedding intelligence into legacy infrastructure, and Xerafy RFID enables just that.

Equipment in the field such as switch boxes and thermal switches are often considered as weak points. Substation equipment directly benefits from unified identification and remote monitoring using Xerafy RFID Tags.

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