Industrial RFID Tags

Product Guide

Xerafy created the market for Industrial RFID with a full range of On-Metal UHF Passive RFID Tags

Xerafy’s Industrial RFID tags are used in RFID Systems to track, count, monitor, and analyze assets across a number of industries and applications: Tool Tracking, Manufacturing, Inventory, Oil and Gas, IT Assets, Infrastructure, Healthcare.

Industrial RFID Systems come with unique requirements

Xerafy RFID Tags Product Guide

Xerafy offers seven series of RAIN RFID UHF passive Tags and Labels


Heat-resistant RFID tags operate in high-temperature application environments such as Automotive Manufacturing, Paint Shops, Metal Foundries, Tire Manufacturing, Injection Molding, Oil and Gas Drilling.

With typical application temperatures cycling between 85°C and 250°C, these RFID tags are ruggedized using packaging materials such as ceramic, as introduced by Xerafy in 2010.


Xerafy’s High-Temperature RFID tags have been proven in the field. They are available in multiple options including form factor, frequency, and case material. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Long-Range RFID tags power outdoor and indoor applications in the field for Manufacturing, Inventory, Logistics.

In the absence of a battery, a durable Passive RFID tag’s life expectancy would often exceed its asset’s, while its read-range performance would vary with the type of readers used in the RFID system. Xerafy has helped to shift expectations for what Passive UHF RFID can deliver, with its record-breaking long ranges in compact form factors. In turn, these tags have displaced competing Active RFID, as well as High-Frequency and Low-Frequency technologies, helping standardize Industrial RFID and lower the entry barrier for Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS).

Xerafy’s long-range RFID tags are available in a variety of sizes, frequencies, and attachment options, to suit every lifecycle and workflow. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Small RFID tags enable item-level tracking for mission-critical assets including Industrial Tool Tracking, MRO Tool Control, and Surgical Tracking.

Besides size, the challenge with small Industrial RFID tags lays with overall performance, with the tag’s read-range and accuracy correlated to its size. Not all Industrial RFID systems can operate at very short ranges and Xerafy’s innovation early on with the world's smallest RFID tags, and with In-Metal tags, helped break the traditional range/size ratio barrier for small RFID tags.

Xerafy’s Small RFID Tags are available in multiple options including form factor, profile, and tagging solutions. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Ultra Durable RFID tags are in operation in some of the most challenging environments around the globe: Industrial autoclave, Manufacturing processes, Oil fields, Off-shore platforms.

Ultra durability is typically achieved with a combination of packaging and casing materials to ensure the tag’s protection from shocks, corrosion, pressure, water. But specialized application environments call for specific innovation, and Xerafy’s application expertise led to our innovative antenna-free design allowing for a solid metal casing.


Xerafy’s Ultra Durable RFID Tags are available in several form factor and tagging solutions. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Embeddable RFID tags are designed to be used in metal. They are used by end-users to retrofit tracking and locating capabilities to their assets, while manufacturers are looking at adding smart capabilities through embedding or injection molding.

The prevalence of metal in industrial environments represents a significant technical challenge in terms of RF performance. Xerafy’s innovation in the field changed the paradigm by making full use of the metal in the asset to increase the performance of its In-Metal embeddable tags.


Xerafy’s Embeddable RFID tags are suited to applications at both point-of-manufacture and point-of-use. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Printable RFID tags provide durable visibility in the field for Global supply chains, Parts management, IT assets, High-value items, management of Returnable Transport Items, Healthcare.

Printable tags allow for hybrid RFID and optical information, in the form of human-readable information or Barcodes / QR codes. While tags can be supplied printed and encoded, a number of Industrial RFID printer manufacturers such as SATO, Zebra, Printronix, are specialized in equipment that can print and encode tags on-site.

Xerafy’s Printable RFID tags are available as ready-to-print flexible labels, designed to perform both on and off metal. They come in several sizes, frequency, and durability options, as well as inlays ready to be converted. And Custom RFID design capabilities are available to meet unique requirements.



Looking for the perfect fit for your RFID system?

Industrial RFID applications come with specific requirements.


When off-the-shelf tags are not suitable, Xerafy's Custom RFID development services bring the technology, manufacturing, and application expertise required to design the right RFID tag for your system.

Go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements. Xerafy offers some of the most advanced Industrial RFID technologies available in the market. Our Co-Development approach will take you from specification to design through to development and testing.