Industrial RFID Systems for
 Oil and Gas Asset Tracking

The Oil and Gas industry relies on RFID Systems to ensure safety, enhance operational efficiencies, extend asset lifecycles, and reduce non-productive downtime.





Asset tracking in drilling, fracking, offshore, mining operations takes place in some of the world’s most extreme conditions. HPHT (High Pressure-High Temperature) wells, for instance, present greater challenges for drilling, with temperatures over 150°C and/or pressure beyond 10,000psi.


How to capture the data required to run operations efficiently?
How to perform the on-site inspections that are paramount to safety in the field when managing remote locations?
How to reliably automate traditional asset tracking functions such as identification, inventory, replenishment?


RFID systems for Oil and Gas are ruggedized to ensure they deliver under extreme temperatures, pressure, corrosion, vibrations, shocks when deployed downhole, subsea, and surface.


Xerafy has a long history of collaboration with the industry to develop extra-durable RFID tagging solutions that allow for the fast deployment of advanced tracking and data capture capabilities at point-of-use:

  • A range of RFID tags optimized for retrofitting of existing inventories using industry-grade mounting methods, including epoxy, banding, etc

  • Innovative RFID tags form factors to enable embedding in the field

  • Market-leading long read-range performance

  • Smaller form-factors to limit the impact on equipment structure integrity

  • Survivability and reliability that are proven and time-tested in the field

  • ATEX RFID tags that are intrinsically safe for hazardous environments


Xerafy industry expertise extends to Oil and Gas OEMs to directly embed RFID in their equipment, tools, pipes, and other assets to be deployed in the field. Work with Oil and Gas partners has included developing asset-specific ruggedized RFID tags, using casing and packaging for ultra durability.

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Oil and Gas pipes are at the core of exploration and production operations.

Xerafy enables drill pipe tracking in oilfields

for each individual item, with data capture capabilities available throughout the pipe lifecycle:



Xerafy RFID improves operations and safety in oilfields by automating inventory, asset tracking, and inspection processes for critical equipment.

Pipelines, Valves, Hose, Hand Tools, Lifting, and Rigging Equipment: Each and every item in the field gets its unique electronic identification that enables equipment tracking for data capture, location, and service history.



Mining companies use RFID tracking systems in the field to address their safety, operational efficiency, and compliance challenges.

An early focus in the Mining industry has been on equipment tracking to maximize availability and optimize maintenance, either with the company or through their equipment suppliers.


And specialized tool tracking solutions have emerged to support maintenance and power tools.