RFID Systems for

IT Assets

RFID Systems are powering the IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Tracking applications involved in delivering the quality of service, security, and compliance that are critical to high-performing operations.




  1. IT Assets come in all forms and shapes that have to be served: Form factor, Footprint, Profile, Tagging and Embedding systems, and the option to customize

  2. Performances will depend on the asset and the tagging system, and can be optimized in order to deliver the on and off-metal sensitivity and consistency required for accurate identification

  3. Data centers in particular are metal-dense environments and require solutions proven for tracking and managing IT Assets in the field and at scale

  4. Identification is a key feature, preferably unique identifiers, relying on serialized ID (TID), or custom encoding of User and EPC memories

  5. Making tags readable by both machines and human is a best practice, and call for printing and encoding services on-site or at point-of-manufacture



Xerafy RFID Tags and Labels are designed to deliver optimal performance for IT Assets, be they used On-Metal, Off-Metal, or In-Metal.

Whether you need to track mobile devices, PCs, removable storage devices, servers, routers, network cards, or other IT assets, Xerafy has tags that meet industry standards and are engineered for the job.

Our innovative products include in-metal tags that can be embedded directly in servers, compact on-metal tags that can fit on blade faces, rack locations, and mobile devices where others can’t, plus numerous other tags with a range of memory, materials, and mounting options that are smaller than the bar code labels commonly used to identify IT Assets today.


With data centers filled with racks and servers, IT managers have to deal with a level of uncertainty even though Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the HITECH Act, PCI, HIPAA, and other regulations require them to know precisely what they have and where it is.

Data Center equipment benefiting from RFID Identification and Tracking:

  • Servers

  • Racks

  • Routers

  • Storage devices

  • Networking equipment

  • Blade servers

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Security, Privacy, Compliance and Audit requirements extend beyond the data center, taking IT Asset Management (ITAM) increasingly beyond the four walls of the enterprise.

Mobile devices are a major, expanding source of liability and are a leading cause of data breaches today. Now, these protections need to be extended and enhanced to include desktops, laptops, smartphones and other personal devices employees use to access enterprise information.