XSKIN series

Off-Metal RFID Inlays For

Specialized Tracking Systems

The Xerafy XSKIN series offers off-metal RFID inlays specifically engineered for specialized industrial systems.

The UHF RAIN RFID inlays are engineered to offer tagging solutions optimized to perform in specialized tracking​ applications:

  • An Off-Metal injection molding RFID Inlay for source-tagging by manufacturers and distributors

  • An Off-Metal RFID Inlay for Gamma irradiation sterilization

  • Personalization - All RFID inlays in our XSKIN series can be personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system: Encoding, Printing, Converting

  • Customizable Platform - Go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements by leveraging the Xerafy XSKIN series platform: Custom RFID Inlays development services from Xerafy bring the technology, manufacturing, and application expertise required to design the right RFID inlay for your system

Xerafy XSKIN series
Xerafy RFID Tags Product Guide



Off-Metal Inlay

For Injection Molding

The Xerafy XSKIN Theta is an off-metal RFID inlay designed for injection molding.
Operating at global RAIN RFID frequencies, it is thin and flexible, and survives temperatures of up to 230°C, making it the ideal solution for manufacturers and distributors looking for an RFID source-tagging solution.

Xerafy Theta XSKIN



Off-Metal Inlay For Irradiation

The Xerafy XSKIN Gamma is an off-metal inlay designed to survive repeated e-Beam and Gamma irradiation sterilization. 

It delivers up to 3 meters read-range and operates at global RAIN RFID frequencies.
Available with labels in two sizes to incorporate human-readable printing, as well as barcodes and graphics, its extremely low profile and flexibility make it the ideal RFID tagging solution for Medical Devices manufacturers.

Xerafy Gamma XSKIN


The Xerafy XSKIN series of off-metal RFID inlay options provide flexible RF identification and tracking capabilities to specialized solutions: Parts Management, Automated Warehouse, RTI Management, Injection Molding, Work-In-Process, Medical Devices, Medical Supplies​.

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