PICO series

Small Industrial RFID Tags Bringing Superior Performance to Production Tools and Equipment

PICO tags from Xerafy power Industrial RFID Systems for manufacturing processes, providing superior performance in small form factors that are ready for deployment.

Xerafy PICO series

With their exceptional size-to-read-range ratio, Xerafy's PICO series of ceramic RFID tags are proven in the field at production facilities around the world, alongside our MICRO high-temp tags, and XS world's smallest tags.

The on-metal UHF RAIN RFID tags come in small form-factors designed to offer tagging solutions without compromise:

  • Small sizes - Ready to fit any tool and production equipment

  • On-metalUp to 3 meters / 10 feet read-range on-metal

  • Embedded - Available in an embeddable version

  • Durability - Industry-grade case material for durability in harsh environments

  • Fast tagging - Several options for deployment in the field: Epoxy, Heat-shrink tubing, Adhesive, Embedding

  • Personalization - All RFID tags in our PICO series can be personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system: Encoding, Printing, Laser Marking, Industrial Adhesives, ATEX Certified Versions, User Memory Version

  • Customizable Platform - Go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements by leveraging the Xerafy PICO series platform: Custom RFID Tags development services from Xerafy bring the technology, manufacturing, and application expertise required to design the right RFID tag for your system

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The Market Reference For Production

The Xerafy Pico On RFID tag is designed to be mounted on tools and equipment, while exceeding competitive read range performance thanks to our patented printed antenna technology.
The ceramic tag is ideally suited to harsh environments where its exceptional durability matches the life of assets in the field.

Xerafy Pico On X3110-US001-H3 X3110-EU001-H3



The First Production-Ready Embeddable

Xerafy Pico In X3210-US000-H3 X3210-EU000-H3

The Xerafy Pico In offers a highly reliable RFID
tagging solution thanks to its unique embeddable design.
Its breakthrough read distance to size ratio makes it
ideally suited for OEM manufacturers looking to bring
native RFID capabilities to their equipment for MRO, Oil and Gas, Energy and Military.




The Ideal Packaged Design For Complex Production

The Xerafy Pico X-II Plus relies on high-performance
engineered polymer to offer the smallest and most
rugged RFID on-metal tag for production applications
where critical and potentially hazardous situations
require reliable identification of assets.
The IP68 rated tag achieves stunning read ranges
and can be attached to tools, equipment, medical devices.

Xerafy Pico Plus X3110-US101-H3 X3110-EU101-H3



The Ultimate Power/Size For Manufacturing

The Xerafy NANO Plus is the best performing RFID on-metal tag in the industry for its size, with read ranges of up to 6 meters.
It is constructed with robust materials and rated IP68 for high reliability and durability in all types of industrial environments.

Xerafy Nano Plus


The Xerafy PICO series brings passive UHF RFID identification and tracking to systems designed to support production processes, including Tool Tracking, MRO Tool Control, Injection MoldingAutomotive Assembly, Construction Tools, Oilfield Equipment, Weapon ManagementIT Assets.
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