Converter Qualification Program

Xerafy would like to invite top label convertors to Metal Skin Converter Qualification Program. The Metal Skin Dry Inlay is a revolutionary, one of a kind, flexible UHF EPC RFID dry inlay that performs on and off metal and fits in the label converting process. To become a qualified Metal Skin convertor you will have to follow Xerafy’s testing process for performance and quality verification. The entire process is described below. Upon qualification, you will be a part of the Xerafy’s Partner community where leads will be routed directly from the end-customers.

Step 1:  Issue a PO to Xerafy for an initial one roll of 1,000 of our standard Metal Skin Mercury dry inlay Part Number: X50A0-GL000-M4.  The PO should indicate that the inlay order is for label qualification purposes and should include your company’s freight information such as shipping address and account number. The labels and testing will be provided at a reduced rate.

Step 2: Upon receipt of the dry inlays, evaluate the feasibility of converting Metal Skin given its thickness and form factor and convert using your standard process. It might be necessary to make some minor tweaks in your machine to cater for the Metal Skin. There are no specific size, material or printing requirements for the converted labels. The timeframe for this evaluation is within four weeks from receipt of the roll of Metal Skin.

Step 3: Convert 250 finished labels and ship to Xerafy’s test lab (address below). Xerafy will run various tests to ensure performance and reliability.

Xerafy Limited
641 Tianshan Road
Building 3, Suite 512
Shanghai, 200336
Tel: +86 21 6206 0668
Attn: Jason Chang (Converter Qualification Process)

Step 4: After testing is completed, Xerafy will send the test results within a week.

Step 5: If a converter passes the qualification process, company info, website link and contact information will be uploaded onto Xerafy’s website. You will start getting enquiries on Metal Skin based products directly from our customers. If a converter fails, Xerafy’s support staff will work with your company and provide suggestions for further testing.

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