Custom RFID Tags

Sometimes Only Custom Design Will Do:

Xerafy offers a full range of Custom RFID Tags design capabilities to get you the right tag for your RFID system


Xerafy Gamma Label.jpg

“Gamma sterilization? Check
High-volume RFID label? Check
Expertise in Healthcare? Check”

— US Healthcare Manufacturer



Our co-development approach ensures you start in no time with the support you need at each and every step of the process

  1. KEY FEATURES - Identifying the application environment and the level of performance to be achieved allows for effective validation of the custom design's MVP

  2. FEASIBILITY - A technical and financial assessment provides the data required to finalize the business case and confirm the expected ROI

  3. PROTOTYPING - Incremental innovation to achieve the performance required

  4. DEPLOYMENT - Manufacturing, shipping, and full support throughout

How to start? Speak to our Innovation Team today. You can also review our current series of RFID Tags and Labels. And our Back Catalogue of previous tag designs is available as well.



Find the perfect tag for your project: Xerafy offers the most advanced Industrial RFID technology, in combination with unique application expertise.

Attachment, packaging, form factor: Xerafy’s own RFID tag design and manufacturing capabilities allow for unique customization capabilities, with guaranteed quality and cost advantages.

Our co-development approach ensures you start in no time and have full access to our expertise and engineering resources:

  • Application and process expertise 

  • RF design

  • Materials

  • Manufacturing

  • Sourcing and purchasing