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Xerafy offers seven series of RAIN RFID UHF passive Tags and Labels and a full range of Custom Design capabilities to power every project

Xerafy RFID Tags Product Guide


Looking for the perfect fit for your RFID system?

Xerafy offers some of the most advanced Industrial RFID technologies available in the market, in combination with unique application expertise.


Check our Back Catalogue and contact our Custom Design service to go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements.




Xerafy created the market for Industrial RFID

  • On Metal Tags – RFID that works on metal

  • Ceramic Tags – For high-temperature

  • World's Smallest Tags – For the smallest items

  • Autoclavable Tags – For sterilization in Healthcare

  • Embeddable Tags – RFID that works inside metal

  • Antenna-Free Tags – Made of solid metal strength


Today, manufacturers and end-users rely on our award-winning Xerafy RFID to create “smart” assets, enabling more efficient business processes and new product capabilities.




Xerafy was founded by a team of experienced RFID tag developers who got together to solve a universal customer problem in managing small metal assets like hand tools, medical devices, IT equipment, and other supply chain.

Xerafy Innovation Since 2010

Customers wanted tags small enough to embed or attach to their metal assets but rugged enough to survive extreme temperatures, humidity, and rough handling.

The team developed a breakthrough radio frequency antenna design to produce the world’s smallest and most rugged mount-on-metal asset tag.

The company decided to name themselves Xerafy to symbolize the smallest tag to verify and quantify assets.