Xerafy RFID for

Tool Tracking

MRO shop floor, Automotive assembly line, Manufacturing tooling, Nuclear power plant: Critical work environments cannot afford the FOD and FME risks that come with relying on employees to manually track and record the tools and materials they use throughout the day

Xerafy RFID powers Tool Tracking systems that deliver visibility and control to maintenance operations and help optimize FOD and FME prevention processes, reduce compliance lapses, and drive operational efficiency.

  1. Industry-grade RFID that performs in environments with a high density of metal surfaces

  2. Solution for smaller tools in terms of RFID tagging smallest footprint and profile

  3. Superior size-to-performance ratio to support read-range, accuracy, and reliability

  4. Tagging attachments that are proven in the field for resistance to shocks, fluids, chemicals

  5. Scalable retrofitting methods suited for existing tool inventories

Pico On Plus



The Market Reference For Production

XS Dash On


The Market Leader For Critical Process

Slim Trak



The Best Choice For A Slimmer Hard Tag

Global Trak



The Best Choice For Global Visibility

Data Trak II



The Universal Choice For Visibility



Thanks to a comprehensive variety of form factors, Xerafy RFID Tags can be unobtrusively attached or embedded into tools and equipment for fast, accurate identification, even when tracking metal tools and other items that challenge traditional RFID technology.



Industrial tools play a vital role in manufacturing operations: Hand tools, Custom tools, Equipment, Molds...

Many industrial activities also require specialized tools, including tools custom-made for a specific operation. These tools are expensive, yet absolutely necessary. Securing tools from theft and being able to quickly locate them when they are needed is, therefore, critically important. Industrial operations have long used tool cribs and sign-out/sign-in procedures for tools; however, both the efficacy and accuracy have been less than desired. 

RFID can substantially improve both the accuracy and the effectiveness of industrial tool tracking, reducing the substantial costs of tool replacement and lost productivity. The RFID technology has evolved to overcome the challenges of metal interference, harsh environments, and long-range read distance requirements.

Manual Industrial Tool Tracking: The Drawbacks 

  • Loss of tools, due to misplacement or outright theft, and therefore the direct cost of replacement

  • Lost productivity due to personnel check- out/check-in of tools, searching for lost tools or waiting for replacements to arrive

  • Poor customer satisfaction from missed commitments, maintenance, and added cost



MRO service providers have been early adopters of solutions for Tool Tracking and Tool Control, setting the standard for how other industries can address their own tracking, safety and productivity challenges.

The key to Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) is controlling the environment where the damage can occur. RFID is becoming an indispensable industry tool thanks to its ability to automatically monitor environments, detect foreign objects and prevent problems.


Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance organizations are embedding RFID tags in tools, parts, and materials to gain continuous, real-time visibility of their assets, helping them prevent FOD.

Unattended readers can issue alerts if tag objects are removed from authorized areas or left unattended and can be used for automated check-in-check out procedures. 


RFID can maintain the integrity of FME zones by automatically tracking objects that enter and leave a zone. Unattended read portals can automatically detect and record objects and issue alerts if prohibited items are entering or being left in the area. The more items that can be tracked with RFID, the more effective the system will be.



Effective tracking is paramount when it comes to securing a large inventory of weapons. Be it for increased public safety, compliance or productivity, police departments and other law enforcement bodies have been actively using Xerafy RFID tags to add real-time visibility and accuracy to their weapon management programs.