FOD And FME: Active Prevention Technology

FOD and FME prevention strategies have been driving the adoption of Tool Tracking and Tool Control RFID Systems in Aviation, Nuclear, Military, Power Generation, where they support maintenance operations and processes, reduce compliance lapses, and drive operational efficiency.

The key to Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) prevention is controlling the environment where the damage can occur. RFID is becoming an indispensable industry tool thanks to its ability to monitor environments, detect foreign objects and prevent problems automatically.

Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance organizations are embedding RFID tags in tools, parts, and materials to gain continuous, real-time visibility of their assets, helping them prevent FOD.

Unattended readers can issue alerts if tag objects are removed from authorized areas or left unattended and can be used for automated check-in-check-out procedures.

RFID can maintain the integrity of FME zones by automatically tracking objects that enter and leave a zone. Unattended read portals can automatically detect and record objects and issue alerts if prohibited items enter or are left in the area. The more items are tracked with RFID, the more effective the system will be.

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