Industrial RFID

Tags and Labels

The home of Industrial RFID: 

World's smallest, most durable,

high temperature, long range,

embeddable in metal


Xerafy offers seven series of RFID Tags and Labels and a full range of Custom Design capabilities to power every Industrial IoT project

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Track everything, everywhere: Tagging solutions with comprehensive application and process expertise

Tool Tracking

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Xerafy RFID for

Hand Tools, Electric Equipment, Molds, Tooling


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Xerafy RFID for Paint Shop, Assembly Line, Work-In-Process, Foundry, Composites, Autoclave

Oil and Gas

3 Oil and Gas.jpg

Xerafy RFID for Downhole Drilling, Pipe Management, Surface Equipment



Trusted Around The World For Applications Demanding Superior Performance In Extreme Conditions


SINCE 2010

Xerafy's innovations created the market for Industrial RFID Tags and Labels

  • Metal Tags – RFID that works on metal

  • Ceramic Tags – For high-temperature manufacturing

  • World's Smallest – For the smallest tools

  • Autoclavable Tags – For sterilization in Healthcare

  • Embeddable Tags – RFID that works inside metal

  • First Antenna-Free Tags – Made of solid metal strength