Five Myths about RFID in the Aerospace Industry


Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology use is quickly becoming commonplace in the aerospace industry as airlines, aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers are using tags to track and identify items as part of trading partner programs and internal materials management and MRO programs. There is also a growing body of standards to support these use cases. However, despite growing RFID maturity in the aerospace industry, program guidelines from leading industry organizations like Airbus, Boeing and the ATA, and the availability of RFID tags and software solutions that support internationally recognized standards, there is still considerable confusion about when RFID tags are needed, what types are required and how they can be used.

This white paper debunks the leading myths about using RFID in the aerospace industry and will provide examples of how airlines, aircraft manufacturers and component suppliers have successfully used the technology to improve their operations. The white paper will:

  • Address the most common myths about RFID use in the aerospace industry;
  • Provide an overview of the requirements of the most common industry, government and manufacturer programs;
  • Outline the varying conditions that can influence tag selection and performance, and:
  • Provide examples of how RFID can be leveraged within aerospace operations to produce quantifiable business benefits beyond compliance.