In the dynamic world of construction, coordination is top priority. Inclusive in a construction site manager’s daily tasks are the ordering, receiving, handling and distribution of raw materials, tools, and labor. Currently, these tasks are handled using manual tracking with paper manifests, manual data entry in facility and material logs, and perhaps through mental notes taken by the construction foreman. Certification documents and general documentation to ensure proper material quality control are the main source of reference for today’s construction sites. Likewise, when inspections are carried out, these same documents are often the only form of reference for materials from a quality and certification standpoint. If that documentation were to become misplaced, lost, or damaged beyond readability, there could be serious and costly delays, and the construction company could potentially face steep fines.

Real-time location and accountability need to function across a broad range of applications, including the harsh conditions found in construction and facilities management environments. Xerafy’s range of RFID tags have been designed explicitly to operate in and survive these demanding applications. Customers are already beginning to see the ROI of using RFID in facility management. By eliminating or significantly reducing the occurrence of human error, RFID can reduce the occurrence of unscheduled machine downtime and lost productivity due to missingor expired construction materials.



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