The most critical instrument in the O.R.
isn’t an instrument at all.


Full Solutions to Automate the O.R. and SPD Reprocessing

Patient Safety

Take your patient safety strategy to the
next level by enabling active prevention
of Retained Surgical Items.

Cost Savings

Connect the dots to deliver new levels of
efficiency to your institution through
digital and insights.


Make compliance in the O.R. a breeze,
automate data capture and eliminate
human errors at the point of care.


Bring visibility to every aspect of your
nstitution’s reprocessing workflow,
resources and documentation in real time.

Digital Transformation

Deliver ROI for your medical team and
advance your institution’s digital
transformation strategy.

Start Today

Demonstration Project

Build your business case,
demonstrate the technology and ROI
to decision makers and stakeholders

Discovery analysis of your institution

Identification of potential efficiency and
transformation opportunities

Assessment of expected ROI

Supporting documents and samples
allowing for a comprehensive presentation
and demonstration

Pilot Project

The first step in implementing a customized
solution for your healthcare facility

Help OR and SPD staff simulate full workflow
automation and visualize the solution
based on your needs

Start qualification process through
washing and sterilization

Build-up internal know-how and
plan the next phases

Identification of a Pilot site within
your organization

Recommendations and
deployment proposal

Auto OR + SPD

Automate data capture at the point of care and
throughout your reprocessing workflow,
easily and efficiently

Create visibility throughout your OR’s and SPD

OR data capture and integration made easy

Streamline your procedures and data
with one unified solution

Assessment on-site of your whole SPD and
OR facilities, down to each critical step:
Intraoperative, Decontamination,
Assembly, Sterilization, Storage

Comprehensive proposal covering existing
Assets, Migration of legacy system,
Integration into your HIMS,
Deployment and Support

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Optimize your hospital’s ROI and bottom line while streamlining your supply chain, asset tracking, data capture and compliance reporting with our Xerafy ROI calculator.

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