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RFID Readers

Designed to deliver optimal read performances and support automated data capture

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Rugged Metal Tags

Xerafy’s rugged UHF RFID tags are specifically designed to be the smallest and most rugged RFID-on-metal tags in the world for industrial markets where critical and potentially hazardous situations require reliable identification of assets. Xerafy’s patented RF antenna design provides an unrivaled performance-to-size ratio, reducing tag size and allowing customers to attach RFID tags to small metallic assets that have been too challenging to track in the past.

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Autoclavable Tags*designed for healthcare

The Xerafy autoclavable tags are specially designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare sterile processing, and OR workflows which involves repeated of autoclave and chemical cleaning cycles.

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Embeddable Tags

The Xerafy family of RFID-in-Metal “iN” tags enables embedding of RFID during pre or post-production of metallic assets. Producers and manufacturers now can reduce application costs for enabling RFID plus provide the opportunity to differentiate and deliver greater value.

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Versatile On and Off Metal Tags

The versatile Xerafy Trak RFID Tags are small in size but giant on features, style and performance for on and off metallic assets. The Trak Tag Family portfolio is comprised of the Global Trak, Data Trak II, Versa Trak and Cargo Trak tags, Slim Trak and are sized to fit a wide variety of assets, from IT components to large shipping containers. Compliant with ISO-18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standards, these versatile tags offer superior read range capability at the most cost effective price yet.

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Outdoors Trak Tags

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Metal Skin RFID Labels

Xerafy Metal Skin is a revolutionary RFID inlay for smart labeling both metallic and non-metallic assets. The inlay adheres to typical label conversion manufacturing processes that can incorporate human readable printing, barcodes, and graphics. The Metal Skin is extremely low profile and flexible to fit curved surfaces – such as the contour of metallic cylinders and drums.

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Specialty RFID Tags

Xerafy’s specialty tag line features unique encasing designs to address the attachment and customized needs of specific applications.

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