Xerafy is looking for qualified label convertors, system integrators, and solution providers to enable end users to create “smart” assets. Our go-to-market strategy is focused on selling through the channel. Xerafy Partners have elite status and will gain a competitive advantage for Xerafy’s products they offer in the marketplace. The process of becoming a Xerafy Partner is not complicated but there is an approval process.

The benefits that Partners experience include:
  • Maximum product, software and service discounts 
  • Prioritized sales and technical support
  • Demonstration products and support material
  • Custom development of new products
  • Co-marketing opportunities including joint webinars, whitepapers, press releases, blogs, tradeshows and social media
  • Ongoing lead passing from Xerafy
  • Prominent and ongoing promotion of your company as a Partner across Xerafy marketing materials

Partner Qualification

  1. History of using Xerafy tags on projects or complete tag testing.  Label convertors must complete Metal Skin Label Qualification Process. 
  2. Recommends Xerafy tags to customers over competitor tags. Note: does not require exclusivity to Xerafy but does require not actively promoting competitor’s tags.
  3. Partner guarantees to provide a point person for regular communication with Xerafy on lead follow up and tag usage projections.
  4. Fast follow-up on Xerafy leads and provide feedback on lead outcome to Xerafy.
Partnership Request Form
Please provide us with a few details by filing out the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.