TRAK series

The Trak series is small in size but giant on features, style and performance for on and off metallic assets. It’s comprised of the Global Trak, Data Trak II, Versa Trak, Cargo Trak and Slim Trak and sized to fit a wide variety of assets, from IT components to large shipping containers. Compliant with ISO-18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standards, these versatile tags offer superior read range capability at the most cost effective price yet.

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Cargo Trak

The Cargo Trak is well suited to meet shipping and logistics management applications where longer read ranges and durable tags are required. The flexibility to tag both plastic and metallic surfaces in a predominant metallic environment provides the customer a one-stop solution for asset management.

Global Trak

The Global Trak is a versatile, global frequency RFID-on-and-off metal tag that is ideal for global asset management and datacenter servers.

Versa Trak

The Versa Trak is compliant with the ISO 18000-6c/EPC C1G2 global open standard and optimized to afford performance and versatility at the most competitive price yet. Manufactured to meet the high standards that customers have come to expect from Xerafy RFID-on-metal tags but also provides outstanding performance when mounted on non-metallic assets. The Versa Trak provides the ideal solution across the supply chain.

Data Trak II

The Data Trak II provides a cost effective RFID solution for datacenters and other environments that require a tag with the ability to be read on and off metal. An updated version, low cost version of the current Data Trak on-and -off metal RFID tag, Data Trak II can be used for applications like logistics, warehousing, IT and financial services where cost and versatility is at a premium. This versatile tag is compliant with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) standards and offers superior read range capability at a cost effective price.

Slim Trak

Xerafy Slim Trak is a versatile, low cost global frequency RFID metal tag that is ideal for assets requiring a slim profile and high performance reads for indoor and outdoor use.

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