Specialty RFID Tags

Xerafy’s specialty tag line features unique encasing designs to address the attachment and customized needs of specific applications.

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The Roswell is ATEX certified for hazardous environments in the oil and gas and automotive industries.


Xerafy Xplorer is an ATEX certified downhole RFID UHF tag to meet the rugged requirements for downhole drill pipe and sub-sea oil pipe operations.

Pico Wedge

The Pico Wedge is designed to facilitate quick embedding of metal RFID tags in industrial applications.

MicroX II - Paint Shop Version

The MicroX II paint shop version is specially designed to withstand the rigors of automotive paint-shop manufacturing process which involves repeated high temperature cycling and caustic chemicals.

MicroX II Automotive - Paint Shop

MicroX II Plus-Paint Shop Automotive Version


The Bric is designed to be mounted on or embedded in concrete for RFID construction and building materials. The Bric tag can be attached by cable ties to metal support rods before cement is poured and is able to withstand the heat and pressures of the curing process.

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