ROSWELL series

The Roswell, the first tag of its kind, uses only its metal exterior as an antenna. The patent-pending tag is constructed of two cylindrical metal cases with a thin high temperature substrate between them. While existing products in the market may use a tag packaged inside a metal case, Roswell is completely different. Because there is no RFID tag packaged inside Roswell, the antenna-free design ensures reliability and durability by eliminating the risk of tag failure from high impact and vibration. Roswell also eliminates the need for a spacer between the tag and the mounting surface or the need for strict welding or attachment procedures. There is absolutely no transmission loss associated with the way the tag is attached. Roswell is designed for quick and convenient attachment and can be easily bolted or tie-wrapped to an asset.

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The Roswell is ATEX certified for hazardous environments in the oil and gas and automotive industries.

Roswell - Autoclavable Version

Autoclavable Roswell is extremely reliable and durable for harsh applications and meets autoclave requirements for use in the healthcare industry.


Xerafy Xplorer is an ATEX certified downhole RFID UHF tag to meet the rugged requirements for downhole drill pipe and sub-sea oil pipe operations.

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