Embeddable Tags

The Xerafy family of RFID-in-Metal “iN” tags enables embedding of RFID during pre or post-production of metallic assets. Producers and manufacturers now can reduce application costs for enabling RFID plus provide the opportunity to differentiate and deliver greater value.

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The Nano-iN offers an outstanding performance-to-size ratio of up to eight feet while flush mounted in a metal object. The Nano-iN can be a potential substitute to RFID-on-metal tags even in applications where read distance cannot be compromised such as IT assets and metallic equipment. The flush mounting of RFID tags makes them visible to RFID-based inventory systems immediately upon installation, and the RFID tags are protected from the possibility of damage.

Dash-iN XS

The XS high performance RFID metal tags are ATEX certified and enable automatic tracking for improved productivity and reduced risks in foreign object debris (FOD) and product recalls. The Dash-iN XS is 0.48 x 0.12 x 0.09 inches (12.3 x 3 x 2.2 mm) with a read distance of 6.6 feet (2 m). The tag can be embedded in metal at the point of manufacture.

Pico-iN Plus

The Pico-iN Plus can be embedded into the head of a bolt to RFID enable any aviation, automotive or manufacturing product.


The Micro-iN has the longest read range and highest temperature resistance in the Xerafy family of iN tags. It is well suited for mission critical situations where high performance are expected despite harsh conditions where application temperatures may reach up to 300oF. Thanks to the unique ability to embed the Micro-iN inside metal, increased reliability and durability has delivered substantial benefits in both overall cost and product value.

Dot-iN XS

The Dot-iN XS can be embedded in metal and will withstand high temperature. The Dot XS is round and measures at 0.24 inches in diameter by 0.1 inches thick with a read distance of 5 feet (1.5 m). The tags are designed to survive industrial chemical washes that normally complicate the application of RFID devices.

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