Effective immediately, Xerafy will end production of the Pico Wedge and Bric RFID tags.

Bric and Pico Wedge both from Xerafy’s Specialty family will no longer be available for order. We will continue to sell these products up to 6 months after the EOL notice. The two products will be available on a case by case basis for qualified opportunities of significant volume.

The original one-year warranty and return policy for discontinued RFID tags purchased before this notice remain valid.

To minimize any inconvenience, Xerafy is ready to work with you and provide any necessary assistance. You may contact your Xerafy sales representative for more information or advice on alternative RFID tag solutions.

Xerafy would like to thank you for your business and looks forward to bringing to you more great innovations in the future.

For more information, please contact sales@xerafy.com

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The Bric is designed to be mounted on or embedded in concrete for RFID construction and building materials. The Bric tag can be attached by cable ties to metal support rods before cement is poured and is able to withstand the heat and pressures of the curing process.

Pico Wedge

The Pico Wedge is designed to facilitate quick embedding of metal RFID tags in industrial applications.

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