Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

MRO is one of the most extreme environments for RFID tags because it demands reliable performance for as long as the tagged tool, part or other asset is in service.RFID can provide the essential link between physical items and the information needed to keep them running safely and efficiently. The tags have to read reliably every time, even after years of exposure to temperature extremes, oil, dirt, hydraulic fluid, cleaning solvents and other challenging materials and conditions common to aerospace operations. Tags not only need to last a lifetime, but may also need to store lifetime maintenance records, so high memory may be required in addition to high endurance and high performance.

Xerafy has durable, high-performance RFID tags to support all types of inspection, asset management and MRO operations. Xerafy’s innovative products include ATEX-certified tags for mounting on pipes, valves and pumps, plus tiny tags that can be embedded into tools, parts and equipment. Xerafy tags have the durability for lifetime identification even on offshore rigs and other demanding environments, plus memory options for basic serial number encoding up to using the tag as a remote database to hold complete maintenance history.

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