There are many aerospace industry RFID standards (ATA Spec 2000, SAE AS5678), industry programs (part and component tracking for Airbus and Boeing, the DoD Unique Identification/UID) and applications (flyable parts tracking, materials management, lifetime traceability, MRO, work-in-process tracking).  Whatever the use case, aerospace manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance organizations share some common requirements: they need industry-standard RFID tags that provide exceptional reliability in challenging environments.

Xerafy is an RFID leader in the aerospace industry because we offer a complete range of RFID tags that are engineered and optimized to meet specific needs at all points in the value chain, from tracking tools and materials used in production to provide complete lifetime part traceability. Our product line includes: 

  • High-memory and low-memory tags that comply with SPEC 2000 and SAE AS5678 standards; 
  • A wide range of read-on-metal tags for aerospace composites and other materials that withstand exposure to chemicals, corrosion, vibration, cold storage and temperature extremes.
  • In-metal tags that can embedded into tools and parts for asset tracking, lifetime traceability and complete life cycle management applications.

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