RFID for the Green Supply Chain


When companies try to reduce waste in their supply chains, they typically focus on improving efficiencies — streamlining operations, improving visibility, speeding communication, and eliminating redundant or manual data collection processes. However, there is another type of waste in the supply chain – the physical waste created by transport packaging, and the wasted effort and cost of managing large fleets of transport containers (carts, pallets, boxes) and replacing those assets when they are inevitably lost. 

One way to reduce this waste is to employ returnable transit items (RTIs), which include reusable plastic boxes, returnable pallets, metal rolling carts, and other types of reusable packaging. RTIs can help support an efficient and sustainable supply chain by reducing the time and money needed to transport goods. However, managing these often-expensive assets can be challenging without a way to track their location and status in real-time or near real-time. That is where RFID comes in.