Xerafy’s Xplorer RFID Tag for Oil & Gas Downhole Pipe Identification Receives FEA Approval

xplorer FAEInfochip LP, Xerafy’s exclusive partner for the Oil & Gas market in the US, has released the finite element analysis (FEA) for the Xplorer tag, an ATEX–certified downhole ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tag specially designed for upstream Oil & Gas operations to track oil tubes and drill pipes.

The FEA consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analyzed for specific results. It is typically used in new product design, and existing product modification to determine how stresses develop in a pipe. T.H. Hill, the company which conducted the study, concluded that there is no detrimental impact to asset integrity when embedding the Xplorer in the tool joint of drill pipe and determined that “the pins of the connections had a lesser fatigue life than the RFID tag holes.”

Pipe components operate in extremely harsh environments where pressure reaches 30,000 psi, temperatures reach 200°C and job sites often require various industrial grease, H2S gas and all kinds of corrosive liquids. Pipes also are subject to strong vibration during installation and removal. Tracking and identifying each component and all aspects of its data is very difficult. Nevertheless Oil & Gas companies need to track and identify them to ensure the right items are used for appropriate operations and that inventory, maintenance, inspection and other records are up to date to improve efficiency and avoid all kinds of accidents and failure.

drill-pipeThe Xplorer is the first UHF RFID downhole tag that delivers and able to replace the traditional pen and paper method of documentation. Identification, data collection, maintenance, inventory management and other operational functions can be automated, reducing human errors and improving efficiency. The use of RFID technology can also help organizations to minimize the risks of catastrophic spills, blowouts and personal injuries which can potentially cost the organization billions of dollars. As time and speed is crucial during rig operations, the real-time access to accurate information can also help operators make quick decisions between continuing the exploration or moving on to another site.

Xplorer’s reliability has also been validated through on-site testing during rig operations.
Check out here to see the testing and installation process.

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