Xerafy’s Founder & CEO Dennis Khoo Attended 2018 EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Program

Joining other promising executives selected by EY from around the globe, Xerafy’s Founder & CEO, Dennis Khoo, attended this year’s EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Program from 21-24 April, along with the Innovation Realized 2018 conference in Amsterdam.

According to EY, The EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program identifies leading entrepreneurs who show an ability to present new business models and entryways into markets. This year’s class is already solving big challenges, disrupting the markets by applying cutting-edge technologies; the selected entrepreneurs are not only pushing the boundaries of innovation but they are also the next generation of global business leaders.

pic-1EY hosted the program in lieu of Innovation Realized 2018 in Amsterdam

The special Precision Health 4.0 track during the program delivered the key message to create agile, data-centric platforms for new and existing stakeholders. “In the digital era, everything is accelerating exponentially, no one is immune to disruption.” said Khoo. The session pointed out that future care is “predictive, personalized, proactive, and participatory”; there are three major factors driving this convergence – global surge in healthcare costs, the rise of health’s super consumers and the ubiquity of data.


             Xerafy’s Founder & CEO Dennis Khoo at 2018 EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program



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There’s no doubt that companies like Xerafy have an important role to play in the formation of these platforms. Just like EY pointed out, “Successful companies will develop innovations that improve health outcomes and are personalized health’s many stakeholders.”

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