Xerafy Named Leading Provider for RAIN RFID Solutions

Xerafy was named one of the leaders of the emerging RAIN RFID market, which is set to experience a 22.6% CAGR through 2025.

The market for RAIN RFID solutions reached $969.9 million in 2016, and will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.6% through 2025, according to a new report from Research & Markets. The report names Xerafy as one of the leading RAIN RFID providers in the global market.


While the RAIN RFID solutions market is currently very fragmented, with a large number of RFID solution providers offering UHF RFID products around the globe, RAIN RFID systems have gained traction in the apparel, footwear, retail, and medical industries. RAIN RFID-based solutions have the potential to significantly improve operations in key vertical markets like healthcare and automotive by providing accurate, real-time visibility. Xerafy formally joined the RAIN RFID alliance earlier this year, bringing its long history of innovation and expertise in both of these industries.

In the healthcare sector, RAIN RFID solutions help hospitals improve asset, equipment and patient tracking while reducing costs through automation. Xerafy also expanded its RAIN RFID-based Trak RFID family in September to include new rugged tags for manufacturing and supply chain applications that can help auto manufacturers achieve similar operational improvements.

The Research & Markets report has also noted several important trends in the RAIN RFID space, including:

– Decreasing costs of UHF RFID tags and readers have led to greater affordability and higher adoption

– Increasing collaboration among providers of UHF RFID products through the RAIN RFID alliance

– Research and development towards innovative applications with the use of sensors in the RFID networks

– Increasing adoption of RAIN RFID in electronic vehicle identification

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