Xerafy Joins RAIN RFID and AIM Global

RAIN RFIDXerafy is enhancing its leadership position in the UHF RFID space by joining RAIN RFID, an industry organization that promotes the adoption of EPC UHF RFID technology. The group – which is hosted by industry trade association AIM Global and includes leading technology companies like Google and Intel – promotes deployment through education, testing and support of solution developers and end users.

RAIN, founded in 2014, has played a key role in expanding education for end users to help them select, test, and deploy new solutions, as well as providing guidance in establishing RFID’s critical role in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). RAIN RFID’s membership has now grown to more than 130 member organizations, including hardware and software providers, end users, academic organizations, and integrators. Other notable members include Amazon, the standards body GS1, Tokyo University of Technology, and most major RFID hardware and software providers.

Xerafy also becomes a member of AIM Global, the leading trade organization for automatic identification technology companies. In addition to serving as an education and advocacy resource, AIM has also developed important industry standards for both barcode and RFID technology. Most recently, the organization released a new healthcare standard for testing non-implantable medical devices to see if they are immune to emissions from RFID systems.

Through our participation in these leading associations, Xerafy not only benefits from sharing knowledge with existing and potential partner companies, we can also help educate end users about our rugged RFID solutions and work with the industry to help shape new standards and industry use cases in healthcare and the oil and gas industries.

Where do you see a need for more information, education, or standards guidance in the RFID industry or in your own specific vertical marketplace? Let us know in the comments below, or send us an e-mail.

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