Xerafy Introduces Specialty RFID Tags Designed for the Construction and Gas Distribution Industries

HONG KONG, Aug 15, 2012 – Xerafy, Ltd, a global supplier of RFID metal tags, introduced the Xylinder and Bric RFID tags at the Fourth China International Internet of Things Technologies and Application Exhibition in Shenzhen today. Xerafy’s specialty tag line features unique encasing designs to address the attachment and other specific needs of a group of specialized applications.

The Xylinder is uniquely designed to fit the neck of gas cylinders and bottles and perform well under extreme RFID use, providing reliable identification and tracking of gas bottles and cylinders in the field. The tag provides unrivaled performance-to-size ratio, attaches easily, and is ATEX certified for safe use in hazardous areas.

The Bric can be securely mounted on or embedded in concrete, making it ideal for RFID construction and building materials. During the construction process, the Bric can be attached by cable ties to metal support rods before cement is poured. Its specialized encapsulation allows it to withstand the heat and pressures of the curing process. The Bric tags are rated IP68 for outdoor use and will perform even after the building is constructed.

“After countless of requests from our customers, Xerafy has decided to offer high performance specialty RFID tags for specialized industrial applications,” said Dennis Khoo, CEO of Xerafy. “We designed the Xyinder and Bric to solve the unique problems faced by each industrial application from secure tag attachment to ease of deployment while meeting the challenges faced by these applications.”

The Xylinder and Bric are the first two in a family of specialty products that Xerafy will introduce in the coming months. Please contact a Xerafy sales representative at sales@xerafy.com to inquire about Xylinder and Bric samples.

2 thoughts on “Xerafy Introduces Specialty RFID Tags Designed for the Construction and Gas Distribution Industries

  1. Hello ,

    I would like to inquire on the highest available temperature rating for the RFID tags.
    Our application consists of curing pipes at temperature of 400 degree celcius ( 752 F ) is it possible to fabricate tags that can withstand such a temperarure and how can I order a sample to test in my process?

    Many Thanks

    • Dear Maher,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a tag that can survive at 400 degrees C. Our highest rated tag goes to 250 C. The issue you are going to have with such high temperatures is that current ICs are not likely to survive such extremes, making the tag useless when exposed to such high temperatures.


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