Xerafy Honored at Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award Gala in Nashville for its Surgical Instrument Tracking

“Xerafy is uniquely positioned to deliver the complete capabilities that hospitals are looking for to improve patient safety, reduce costs, augment revenues, and ensure regulatory compliance.” – Venkat Rajan, Frost & Sullivan Global Director. Click here for the full press release.

Best Practices Award went to Xerafy for RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking 

  Frost and Sullivan-194-XL

Award acceptance speech by Xerafy

Frost and Sullivan-193-L

North American Health Data Warehousing Product Leadership Award to OracleFrost and Sullivan-191-L

Global Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction New Product Innovation to BioMérieux

Frost and Sullivan-114-L

Global Network Firewall Market Leadership Award to Cisco Systems

Frost and Sullivan-150-XL

Frost and Sullivan-144-L

A very cheerful evening


 Fellow award recipients

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