Xerafy Expands Aviation ATA Spec2000 Line with Pico XL Tag for Flyable Aircraft Parts

Xerafy Ltd, a global supplier of industrial RFID tags, introduced the Pico XL 2kbit tag today.

Small, lightweight, and able to withstand exposure to extreme environmental and radiation conditions, the Pico XL is the latest addition to the rugged tag manufacturer’s family of UHF RFID-on-and-in-metal (ROM) tags for aerospace, defense, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries.

The Pico XL features the TegoChip™ 2000, a 2kbit chip from Tego that meets the Air Transport Association ATA SPEC2000 low memory tag format and SAE AS5678 specifications. The low memory tag format is intended for aircraft equipments that are not repairable (like life-vests for example) and therefore is only required to store an abbreviated version of a tag’s birth record and a shorter form of its table of contents. Based on the number of high memory tags per aircraft, the low memory tag format may account for up to half of its total requirements.

Xerafy previously introduced the Sky-ID high memory XL tags that offer 8K bytes of memory dedicated for flyable aircraft parts that are repairable and require part history records stored on the tags as they go through multiple cycles of installation on aircraft, removal, repair, upgrade, pooling, and installation again.

The Pico XL 2kbit is one of the smallest, rugged RFID tags on the market that meets the aerospace RFID initiative, making it an ideal, lower-cost alternative for aviation solutions, as well as for IT asset tracking, medical device tracking, MRO, manufacturing, and other applications.

“Aerospace, defense and industrial customers are using our RFID tool tracking, materials management and WIP tracking applications to track metal tools, composite materials and work-in-process from freezers to clean rooms to autoclaves. The Pico XL is a good example of the extreme RFID technology needed to track assets in these rugged environments,” said Chris Forgione, Director of Asset Tracking, OATSystems. “This tag will also meet the extreme-temperature and long life requirements for our applications that address aviation-specific part marking and MRO initiatives, which track aircraft components throughout their time in service.“

“Xerafy is proud to be the first to offer a lower-cost but still viable option for our customers tracking flyable suppliers parts in the aviation supply chain,” said Dennis Khoo, CEO of Xerafy. “With the introduction of the Pico XL 2k bit as an extension of the high memory RFID family of tags, Xerafy is able to provide a full suite of high memory tags for different needs.”

The Pico XL 2kbit measures .70 x 0.43 x.19in (17.7 x 10.9 x 4.8mm), and weighs just 0.07 oz (2g). The IP68-rated rugged tag can resist application temperatures ranging from -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C).

Please contact a Xerafy sales representative at sales@xerafy.com to purchase samples of the Pico XL.

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