Xerafy brings its RFID technology to Portable Power Equipment

Integro LLC latest innovation in portable power equipment embeds Xerafy’s RFID technology

With its Paramount Kit, Integro LLC, a leader in power distribution solutions, brings RFID innovation to portable power and other industries by making it possible to reliably read an RFID tag from a portable power equipment. Hubbell, a world leader in electrical devices, is also launching its line of wiring devices with Xerafy RFID tags embedded in its equipment. It will offer its full range of wiring devices from 15A to 400A with this technology.

Integro LLC holds two specific patents to read RFID tags that are molded into electrical assets for inventory management purposes. The tags are permanently molded into electrical connectors to ensure they will not become dislodged or damaged in the roughest environments where operating conditions require safety and reliability.

“We feel the Integro system of molding permanent RFID tags into electrical assets and our custom-designed inventory management programs are ideal for heavy industrial and electrical markets,” said John Bogart, President of Integro LLC.

Integro selected Xerafy’s Pico-On Plus after some comprehensive product evaluations, which focused on read range and size. Integro’s conclusion: “Xerafy’s Pico-On Plus RFID tags offer the best performance-to-size ratio available that withstands harsh or hazardous environments,” said John Bogart.

According to Dennis Khoo, Xerafy’s CEO, “Integro’s leadership in industries requiring heavy duty electrical assets is the perfect complement for Xerafy’s rugged RFID technology. Both Integro’s custom electrical cable assemblies and our Pico-On Plus RFID tags serve industrial markets where critical and potentially hazardous situations require reliable identification of assets.”



About Integro LLC:
Integro is a thermoplastic and rubber molder of custom electrical cable assemblies. Our products are used in Airfield Lighting, Shipbuilding, Mining, Power Utility, Steel Fabrication, Portable Power and LED Lighting markets. We team with and provide problem solving and technology advanced solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.


About Xerafy Ltd.:
Xerafy enables real-time traceability and asset management in Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing. We lead in RFID innovations for demanding environments and redefine the market expectations for durable and reliable performance. Xerafy is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in the U.S., U.K. and China.

Contact: Michel Gillmann, Marketing Director

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