Xerafy and Victrex showcased the game-changing Xplorer RFID UHF downhole tag at CIPPE 2015

cippe-2015China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) is the largest petroleum exhibition in China presenting the latest technologies and products in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Held March 26 – 28 in Beijing, CIPPE 2015 attracted 2,000 exhibitors from 62 countries and regions.

Xerafy joined our partner Victrex at CIPPE 2015 to showcase Xplorer, our latest patent-pending RFID tag for tracking drill pipes and oil tubes used in the oil and gas industry. Xerafy Xplorer is an ATEX-certified downhole RFID UHF tag that was designed by working closely with oil and gas service companies, end users and drill pipe manufacturers. It meets their pipe integrity and ruggedness requirements for downhole drilling and sub-sea operations.

Xerafy’s Xplorer is constructed with high-strength steel and polymer materials from Victrex to meet hazardous environment requirements. The tag has been validated by tests simulating simultaneous high temperature, extreme pressure and severe vibration.

The energy industry needs to use many types of drill pipe and tubing because of the specific requirements for mining, drilling and other operations. These components must be managed and tracked reliably to ensure the right items are used for appropriate operations and that inventory, maintenance, inspection and other records are up to date to improve efficiency and avoid all kinds of accidents and failure. This requires accurate data collection and precision site work. However, components operate in extremely harsh environments where pressure reaches 30,000 psi, temperatures reach 200°C and job sites often require various industrial grease, H2S gas and all kinds of corrosive liquids. Pipes also are subject to strong vibration during installation and removal. Tracking and identifying each component and all aspects of its data is very difficult. With Xerafy’s Xplorer, there is now a product on the market that can provide automatic identification and support automated data management, and can provide good performance when used in these kinds of harsh environments.

Multiple summits on natural gas, pipelines, offshore oil and drilling were held during the show. China’s top academicians, experts and guests shared insights on the trends and outlook of the world’s energy industry as well as the latest oil equipment, technologies and thoughts. We hope the new Xplorer tag will be one of the most important discoveries from the event.

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