Which Xerafy Tag Best Fits Your RFID Needs?

Xerafy offers a wide variety of rugged tags for an equally varied group of applications—in fact, the product line has gotten so diverse we’ve posted this handy product guide to help customers decide which tags best fit their RFID needs.

From a high-level view, each tag family addresses specific groups of use cases. Here’s a quick reference:

We’ve Got RFID Under Our Metal Skin
Metal Skin is Xerafy’s latest innovation, a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind flexible metal UHF EPC RFID label that performs on and off metal, and fits standard label converting processes for smart labels, ticket, stickers and cards. Because it’s flexible, it can be used for low-cost labeling of cylinders, drums, pipes, and other challenging items, as well as for product authentication, laptop tracking, and supply chain management.

Big Performance, Small Package
The XS tags are Xerafy’s smallest ATEX certified UHF EPC RFID products. Whether mounted on an item (Dash-On XS and Dot-On XS) or embedded (Dash-iN XS and Dot-iN XS), the tags survive harsh use conditions and deliver read distances between 3 and 6 feet, and can be used for difficult asset tracking applications, including tools, instruments, medical devices, and for source tagging.

On the Right Trak
The Trak tag family is a group of versatile, omni-directional UHF EPC RFID tags that deliver high performance both on and off metal. The family includes the heavy duty Cargo Trak tag for vehicle and yard management applications; Versa Trak for pallet, storage rack, and returnable transport items; Data Trak for IT asset management and small parts; and Global Trak, designed for global supply chain applications and IT asset management.

RFID’s Inside Game
The Xerafy iN tags are embeddable UHF EPC metal tags that lead the way for source tagging and ensure reliability and secure attachment of tags in the most extreme environments. Available in five sizes, iN tags can be used for everything from source tagging of tools to tracking weapons.

Rugged Tags Take Flight
Industrial applications require highly rugged tags that meet industry standards for high data storage memory and performance. The XL tag line is Xerafy’s high memory offering, and meets Aerospace ATA Spec 2000 and SAE AS5678 requirements for tracking aircraft parts as well as other high memory needs.

RFID in the Extreme
Need to track assets or goods in extremely harsh environments? The Xerafy X II tag family is ATEX certified impact and high temperature resistant. That means they can be used in industrial applications (chemical plants, mines, refineries, etc.) where potentially explosive or hazardous conditions exist. With four different sizes available, these tags can deliver on-metal read ranges from 10 to 33 feet while tracking a variety of items in difficult industrial conditions.

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