What you can expect to see at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2017: Interview with Xerafy

Dennis Khoo, CEO Xerafy, in an Interview with “RFID im Blick”. Xerafy will be meeting its European Clients and Partners at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow in Dusseldorf , 27-28 September, Booth 19/22.


Xerafy is a specialist in the field of demanding, tough RFID applications in Manufacturing, Healthcare and Oil & Gas. The company’s portfolio of RFID tags and labels is used wherever clients need data to power their ERP, MES, Hospital Information System or cloud application. Deploying RFID for these mission-critical applications offers the opportunity of optimising operational efficiency, patient safety and satisfaction, time and costs savings, or compliance requirements.

Keeping clients’ needs in view through constant innovation

In order to constantly optimise the product portfolio for its clients, Xerafy invests into a better understanding of their challenges and business opportunities. “Take real-time localisation, predictive maintenance, Big Data analytics, or AI data pools: This is how our clients are thinking of developing competitive advantages,” CEO Dennis Khoo explains. “Xerafy has a reputation for advanced RFID technology and we spend a fair amount of time supporting our clients’ complex needs via innovations when it comes to tag design and materials, manufacturing processes, and original applications.”

This investment into market research and client needs is paying off for Xerafy, in part because client markets are continuously evolving: “Our clients are increasingly looking beyond tags. This is why we have to make a difference. Our network of trusted partners is instrumental when it comes to local delivery capabilities, operational industry expertise, and best practices.” For this reason, Xerafy operates teams spread out between the United States, Europe, Singapore and China. Across all teams, around eighty and ten nationalities are combining their experiences and capabilities.

New awards, new markets, and new trends

For Xerafy, 2017 is turning out to be a banner year for global expansion. “2017 started on a very high note in healthcare. Our Surgical Instrument Tracking was distinguished by a Frost & Sullivan Global Award. Beyond the award, I am thinking of the Operating Rooms and CSSD teams who are relying on Xerafy to deliver increased safety and satisfaction to patients. And in July, the company landed a milestone tool tracking project for a global MRO player. These two examples clearly show where our markets are heading, and we are keen on keeping up with their momentum.”

Launch of new versatile product series at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017

At RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow, Xerafy will be presenting both upgraded and new products. CEO Dennis Khoo is especially proud to announce key additions to Xerafy’s Trak series: “Our family of RAIN RFID Tags is complete. We started with rugged tags in 2010, and the Trak series was launched later for our clients looking for versatile products that are cost-effective without sacrificing performances. These additions make high performances available to an ever increasing variety of applications and environments, tracking assets, indoor or outdoor, whether in a storage room, in a data center, in a warehouse, on a vehicle, or on a dock.”

“We are very excited to join RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2017” Dennis Khoo concludes, “We reserve the launch of our new Trak series products to our clients and partners in Europe. As always with Xerafy, they can expect exceptional read ranges and maximum versatility.”

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