The Meteoric Rise of the Surgical Instrument Tracking Market

Accelerated Growth of the Surgical Instrument Tracking Market

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global surgical instrument tracking systems market is expected to reach USD 442.9 million by 2025. The Surgical Instrument Tracking Market has experienced exponential growth rates in recent years, driven by the impact of the UDI regulation and rising need for inventory management. There has been an increasing adoption of medical devices and instrument tracking products by private and public hospitals as they have to deal with a hosts of challenges such as vast inventory management and tracing of instruments and medical devices during surgical operations.

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Issues such as contaminated instruments happen occasionally, resulting in the increased likelihood for infections to happen. RFID technology is able to alleviate some of these issues with its reliability, accuracy and automation. The use of surgical instrument tracking is expected to continually grow at high rate in the near future to reduce such occurences and to facilitate better inventory management. With the pressing need to solve these issues, there will be an increasing demand for such advanced technologies to track the instruments used in hospitals.

The rising adoption of tracking software for inventory and surgical instruments management is also driven by the technological advancement in software. When society makes leaps in technology, there will be increased proliferation of such technologies in the healthcare sector. As the number of surgeries and incidences of retained surgical instruments continue to increase across the globe, the explosive growth in the global surgical instrument tracking systems market does not seem to slow down.

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Xerafy has its RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking solutions to help healthcare institutions deal with the operational challenges they face. Xerafy’s capabilities lie in its unique ability to withstand the decontamination and sterilization processes with no damage to the RFID tag. With Xerafy’s Surgical Instrument Tracking Solutions, healthcare institutions and hospitals can automatically track critical equipment, ensure the correct sets are available for each surgical procedure within seconds instead of hours, improve patient safety and outcomes and achieve breakthroughs in patient safety and operational efficiency. At Ixtapaluca Hospital in Mexico, Xerafy’s autoclavable XS and XXS tags are used to track 11,000 surgical instruments during surgical procedures and throughout the sterilization and maintenance processes.

To learn more about our healthcare RFID solutions, visit Xerafy Healthcare to find out what we do and read up on some of the success stories our clients have using our RFID solutions. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest RFID developments.

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