RFID Improves Field Operation Efficiency at Anadarko Petroleum

“If you can’t measure it, than you can’t manage it.” It is a familiar phrase in operations. That is why companies like Shell and Anadarko Petroleum are using RFID to identify and manage operations of thousands of valves. RFID metal tags are improving field operating efficiency in valve servicing and inspection to lengthen valve life and streamline DOT, EPA, and OSHA compliance.

Recently, Xerafy worked with partner’s Protech Sales, and idsTag to support valve maintenance and inspection operations for Anadarko Petroleum’s oil and natural gas production locations in Brighton, Colorado and Salt Creek, Wyoming. The top goal for using RFID-enabled valves was to understand failure rates and monitor process improvements over a 10-year period.

Anadarko chose Protech Sales’ Ontrase solution, which includes software from idsTAG and Xerafy’s passive MicroX II ATEX certified tags. The Ontrase solution is an end-to-end valve management system that includes a full line of valves, their installation, servicing and greasing, as well as the recording and maintaining of all data.

Protech’s Ontrase RFID solution has been operating at Anadarko for over a year. Xerafy’s RFID tags have proven tough enough to survive the harsh oil and gas environment with steam and high temperatures, chemical exposure, sand blasting, and rough handling. More oil and gas companies are adopting the RFID valve tracking solution since maintenance and inspection compliance on millions of valves in a petroleum production plant using just spreadsheets without the no ability to see the history or last service date has proven to delay operations and lead to uninformed decision making.

For more information on how to use RFID technology to reduce risks in the oil and gas industry in the areas of maintenance recording, inspection audits and asset tracking, download our whitepaper “RFID and Valve Maintenance.”

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