RFID Bric – Building the Future for Construction Quality Control

Through the years, we’ve sold custom tags for construction projects to several customers. Finally, we decided to productize the tag which we have often called the “Bric” tag. The Bric name stuck since the tag is typically attached to steel I-beams and covered in concrete to look like a brick but can send signals through the concrete up to ten feet away.

Customers such as Tecton Limited, a worldwide building information management company, used the RFID Bric to bridge the information gap in construction projects and link the workflows in design, inspection, and operations for Gammon Steel. Tecton implemented building pieces containing Xerafy’s RFID Bric tag. The RFID tag identified each pre-fab piece as belonging to a particular part of the building and prevented those items from being used in the wrong part of the construction process.

Construction projects suffer from delays and cost overruns. The industry is looking to build with RFID to automate quality control, materials management and communication. The video presented here utilizes RFID to link the actual physical work to the information flow.

For more information, download our Bric Brochure and whitepaper of Facility Management Feat RFID.

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