Managing Complex Manufacturing Processes with Extreme RFID

By Su Doyle, OATSystems, Head of Industry Programs

Xerafy and OATSystems partnered together to illustrate how Extreme RFID tracking helps manage complex manufacturing processes, from the freezer, to the clean room to the autoclave to the end customer. The graphic below shows the numerous opportunities for operational benefits with RFID automation.

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RFID is replacing the paper methods to streamline the process control, inspection, and verification processes. Complex manufacturing processes in aerospace, defense and automotive industries have changed the definition of “work-in-process” for multiple reasons.

Paradigm shift from discrete to process
Manufacturing with advanced composites has many of the challenges of chemical process manufacturing, requiring detailed tracking of perishable materials and specialized tooling.

Inter-facility and out-of-facility tracking
Customer orders may be fabricated across multiple facilities, extending WIP tracking to conveyance tracking, kitting, shipping and receiving, often across international borders. In aerospace and defense MRO, engine overhaul can extend WIP tracking to aftermarket service providers in different continents.

Tooling proliferation
Tooling has proliferated for complex manufacturing, creating inventory challenges, as tool stores are located further and further from the assembly area. Tooling for composites manufacturing includes specialized molds and mandrels that have a limited duty cycle.

The OATSystems-Xerafy Extreme RFID solution consists of several Xerafy tag models, including the MicroX II tags for items that must be tracking through high temperatures, as well as Oat Foundation Suite software for identifying a tag’s location from the moment that a material arrives at the site until a finished part leaves en route to a customer. To find out more about Extreme RFID listen to our on demand Extreme RFID Webinar or watch our Extreme RFID video.

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