Joint Webinar with Impinj and Xerafy on Metal Skin Proves Successful

We were blown away by the attendance for the webinar on the Metal Skin. There were over 600 registrants from several different countries and many more waiting to hear the recording. You can link to a copy of the presentation here: New RFID Developments Revolutionize Metal Asset Tracking.

The webinar lasted 30 minutes and was presented by Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Senior Product Line Manager, who provided an overview of the challenges in metal asset tagging and how the design of the Monza chip helped overcome some of those obstacles.

Evelyn Ong, 
Director of Sales at Xerafy, went into detail on the Metal Skin specifications and shared an iPad tracking case study and beer keg tracking application using the Metal Skin.

Patrick Stalling, RFID Project Manager at MPI Label Systems, described the options and pricing for the Metal Skin.

There were several questions from the audience, so we thought it would be helpful to provide a link here to Xerafy’s FAQ on Metal Skin. For more information, we also have a new whitepaper on the Metal Skin that can be downloaded here.

The new Xerafy Metal Skin adds to RFID the ability to deliver all of the benefits of RFID already in play all over the world: product identification, authentication, traceability, medical equipment maintenance and sterilization tracking, IT blade server management and even tracking cycles of beverage containers used in restaurants we eat at every day.  Who knew the Metal Skin could do so much and more?

For those of you who were unable to attend, here is the video of the presentation:

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