Digital Transformation: Re-thinking the Industrial Landscape

Re-shaping the industry through IoT-empowered Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation” is the latest tech-related buzzword to take storm in the industrial sector. The increasing prominence of IoT in recent years has given companies the bandwidth to reshape their operational processes and undertake digital transformation. As the movement towards Industry 4.0 goes into full swing, digital transformation is at the forefront of that wave, empowering companies with IoT capabilities to re-think existing industrial processes.  


In many of these applications, RFID has a critical role in bridging the physical and digital worlds. Technologies such as computer applications and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to create competitive advantages and unprecedented efficiencies.

While lots of assets and machines are getting “smarter” in that they have more onboard computing power, many objects must be retrofitted in order to create a digital presence. RFID solutions act as a first step toward digital transformation by linking these objects (anything from a surgical instrument to a drill pipe to an expensive tool) to the network. Working in tandem with other complementary technologies like sensors, RFID helps ensure companies are able to link to every item, product or asset they want to track or communicate with.


The OPEX Week Business Transformation World Summit 2019 is taking place at Orlando, FL from 21 January – 25 January where more than 150 senior leaders take the stage to address business transformation. Throughout these 5 days, panel discussions and keynote speeches by experienced business leaders are being organised. One of the notable themes that will be talked about at the summit is forging a strong business IT relationship for digital transformation where the evolving role of IT and business in a fast-changing environment is of concern. Moving forward in the 21st century, digital transformation is to be taken notice of as industry disruption requires businesses to constantly adapt to the changing circumstances.  

At the heart of digital transformation, Xerafy is positioning herself through her RFID solutions for aviation MRO operations and automotive manufacturing. Some of these RFID solutions are implemented in major aviation companies such as Hong Kong’s HAECO and Sichuan Airlines.

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