Xerafy Partner atlasRFIDstore focuses on creating the absolute best customer service experience

Business PicXerafy is proud of its extensive network of partners around the world. This week our blog focuses on North American hardware partner, atlasRFIDstore. We recently had the opportunity to interview atlasRFID’s Marketing Content Manager Suzanne Smiley about their business and the direction of the RFID industry in the U.S.

How is atlasRFIDstore positioned in the RFID industry?
atlasRFIDstore is an RFID hardware retailer which provides customers a secure, one-stop shop for all their RFID equipment needs. We pride ourselves on hiring industry experts who work hard at establishing lasting relationships with our customers. With our product expertise, we are able to recommend the optimum hardware and RFID tags which best fit our customers’ project parameters, saving them time and money in the process. Continue reading

Redefining RTLS and RFID Asset Tracking in Healthcare-Guest blog from OATSystems

RFID&RTLSHealthcare providers employ RTLS and RFID technology to improve patient care and operational efficiency, using multiple underlying technologies to track the location (and associated status) of equipment, assets and inventory within their facilities.

RFID and RTLS asset tracking systems come in many shapes, sizes (and modalities), depending on the assets being tracked. Passive RFID solutions are extensively used in supply chain, manufacturing and service environments for process automation, workflow visibility and inventory management: situations where a physical location is associated with the status of an asset (e.g. a shipment at the receiving dock indicates the package has arrived at its destination). In this instance, tracking an asset based on its last known location is sufficient to track its status and to inform an enterprise system of the status change. Conversely, higher cost active RFID (also known as RTLS) solutions are process-independent and work like an “interior GPS system” in hospitals. They are used primarily for “real-time” location, in situations where it is important to quickly locate medical equipment (e.g. infusion pumps, wheelchairs), medical personnel or hospital patients. Continue reading

Manufacturers Are Making Things Better with RFID

The-2-Sisters-chicken-abb-006Congratulations to Xerafy partner Red Ledge, whose innovative approaches for helping customers improve manufacturing with RFID were recently complimented in a profile in RFID Journal. Red Ledge is an expert in improving processes, often by automating activity in new ways. Several of Red Ledge’s solutions use Xerafy tags, which bring RFID to processes and environments where it hasn’t been used before.

Red Ledge has built RFID functionality directly into industrial equipment so that raw materials and work-in-process can be accurately tracked during the production process. These applications can be challenging to develop because they require interfaces between manufacturing machinery and the production control software, and require RFID tags that can withstand heat treatment, chemical exposure and other hazards. Getting traceability into the production process and helping materials and machines talk to each other can enable new processes that prevent assembly errors, reduce waste and rework and maximize assets. Some see these benefits as the future vision for Internet of Things systems, but Red Ledge is already delivering that vision today. Continue reading

RFID Asset Tracking Keeps Luge Carts Safe

Skyline lugeThe Skyline Luge sends riders hurtling down a concrete track just inches off the ground in an open cart. Is it a sled? Is it a go kart? After reaching the bottom of the hill, riders just know it is fun – see for yourself in this video. The ride is thrilling, but it is also safe because each custom cart is inspected and maintained on a rigorous schedule with the help of an RFID asset tracking system from Times-7 and Xerafy.

Skyline Enterprises created the luge carts and operates tracks in Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and South Korea. Riders take a chair lift to the top of the course and ride down in the metal carts, which experience vibration, bumps and the occasional collision along the way. Carts used and stored outside in conditions ranging from the cold and snow in Calgary to the constant heat and humidity in Singapore. Continue reading

Xerafy Partners on Display at Euro ID 2013

Euro-ID-2012How time flies. It’s time for Euro ID Exhibition and the ID World Congress again,both events Xerafy participated in the past and last year won the 2012 European Auto-ID Award for RFID (Metal Skin). This time around, both events will take place from November 5 to 7 in Frankfurt am Main.

This year, Xerafy is again part of the esteem ID World Technical Committee – all of whom have distinguished themselves as visionaries and pioneers in the RFID industry. The Technical Committee helps to contribute to the conference agenda, advising on topics, as well as selecting and evaluating the most appropriate abstracts submitted by candidate speakers.

Due to conflicting schedules however, Xerafy will not be present this year but if you are looking for Xerafy tags, do drop by our partners booth at the Euro-ID Exhibition and tell them we sent you. Here’s a shout out to valued partners such as Tec-tus, iDtronic, Inotec, SICK, Pepperl + Fuchs, Times-7 and Winckel who will be showcasing their solution and products there next week. Continue reading