The Tag Factory Takes License To Xerafy’s Patent

The Tag Factory has entered into a non-exclusive patent licensing agreement for Xerafy’s RFID ceramic tag technology.

12-March-2015 – Hong Kong – Xerafy and The Tag Factory have reached an amicable agreement that allows The Tag Factory to manufacture and commercialize ceramic RFID tags incorporating the RFID ceramic tag technology disclosed in Xerafy’s U.S. Patent 8,678,295.

“Xerafy’s RFID ceramic tag technology has made it possible for customers to track assets in a wide range of harsh environments, and we are committed to bringing more leading-edge tag solutions to the market,” said Xerafy founder and CEO, Dennis Khoo. “We are pleased to have reached a licensing agreement with The Tag Factory allowing us to work together to support our customers in the industrial marketplace.”

Terms of the license agreement and settlement are confidential.

Xerafy Slim Trak RFID tag promises best value for asset management across multiple industries

New Gen2-compliant Slim Trak is a low profile, global frequency, embeddable metal RFID tag for IT server racks, tool tracking and hospital asset management

Slim-Trak-on-tool-webHONG KONG, December 03, 2014 – Xerafy has launched of one of the most sought-after RFID tags in the market, providing customers the flexibility to use the tag in multiple industrial environments and geographies with different RF regulations. Designed with borderless asset management in mind, the Slim Trak operates across the global frequency band and is cost effective without compromising on performance. Slim Trak is a passive UHF RFID tag that complies with EPCglobal Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C international standards.

The Slim Trak incorporates all the features our customers love about the Xerafy Trak family for asset management such as superior on-off metal read performance, high versatility and great customer value. The new tag will strengthen Xerafy’s product offering for applications such as tool tracking, IT asset management, weapon tracking and others.

Slim-Trak-webWith a small footprint (56.5 by 5.95 mm/2.2 by 0.2 inches) and a low profile at only 1.3 mm (0.05 inch) thick, the Slim Trak is the thinnest tag in the Trak family of tags and can easily be integrated into the recesses of metal assets without compromising performance. Slim Trak has an IP68 rating and its ability to withstand high temperature and impacts makes it ideal for many applications which may involve heat shrinking, molding and strong vibration.

“Xerafy’s Slim Trak is one of the most customer-centric tags in terms of performance, versatility and value for the asset management solution,” said Xerafy founder and CEO Dennis Khoo. “Its low profile and small footprint will enable our customers to RFID-enable their assets at their source.”

Singapore Manufacturer Slashes Inventory Search Time with RFID Tracking System

Order picking time reduced by 30 minutes or more using Xerafy read-on-metal RFID tags to track manufactured cable at indoor and outdoor storage locations


Hong Kong, October 8, 2014 – Xerafy, a global supplier of RFID metal tags, today released a new case study that describes how Keystone Cable uses Xerafy’s passive UHF RFID tags to track finished goods inventory.

Keystone Cable manufactures cables for the building & infrastructure, oil & gas, and data communications markets. Finished products are coiled onto large drum reels that may be stored indoors or outside at Keystone Cable’s 100,000 square foot facility. When cable is needed to fulfill a customer order, a worker first must find the drum, which usually took between 30 and 45 minutes. Now it is completed in less than five minutes since Keystone Cable began using Xerafy Data Trak II RFID tag to track the metal drums and storage locations.

The complete case study is available for free download from:

Xerafy RFID Tags Help Nuclear Plant Improve Asset Tracking, Record Keeping and Regulatory Reporting

Search time reduced 70 percent and regulatory document preparation time cut 80 percent with RFID record keeping system from Xerafy and Nexess

SPIE control2Hong Kong, September 30, 2014 – SPIE Nucléaire is using passive UHF read-on-metal RFID tags from Xerafy as part of a new automated mobile asset management system at EDF Energy’s Centre Nucléaire de Production d’Electricité (CNPE) nuclear power plant in Fessenheim, France. Xerafy’s Micro XII rugged read-on-metal RFID tags with 10 meter (33 feet) read range are being permanently applied to portable containers that store maintenance equipment at the facility, which is in the Alsace region of France. The deployment was completed in Q3 2014 and the system will be extended to other nuclear power plants.

The containers and their contents are subject to numerous internal and regulatory controls for safety and security. The facility operator must know the location of all materials at all times, track and record all container movements and provide regular audit reports. Records were previously kept by manual data collection and entry into spreadsheets. SPIE Nucléaire, which provides facilities management and maintenance services for EDF at the Fessenheim facility, began implementing RFID tracking as part of the NexCap® system for nuclear power plants provided by Nexess, an RFID integrator specialist for the energy and aerospace industries that is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. Continue reading

Chinese Oilfield Tracking 30,000 Assets with Xerafy Read-on-Metal RFID Tags

New asset management and inspection system helps comply with safety regulations and improves maintenance management.


Hong Kong, September 16, 2014 – A major Chinese oil field operator is using Xerafy RFID tags to track up to 30,000 portable transformers in the largest outdoor RFID deployment in China’s oil and gas industry. The operator, an exploration and production company that wishes to remain anonymous, is applying Xerafy’s passive UHF read-on-metal RFID tags to all 30,000 portable transformers it has at the site and and plans to expand the RFID program to other asset categories including pipes, valves and machinery.

Xerafy’s Cargo Trak tags are being applied to portable transformers with permanent adhesive as part of a new automated inspection and maintenance management system that was developed and implemented by VictorySoft Co. Ltd., a Xerafy partner that specializes in IT solutions for the oil and gas industry. The customer wanted to upgrade its asset management processes because it needed to comply with new national safety and maintenance regulations. Transformers were especially difficult to track and manage because they are moved frequently. New safety standards developed by China’s State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) took effect in 2013 require oil companies to keep better records on assets and maintenance history. The new system will support predictive maintenance besides improving compliance with safety and record-keeping requirements. Continue reading