Xerafy Featured on RFID Journal for Solutions in Oil & Gas

As productions expands in China, oil and gas companies are increasingly reliant on technology (including RFID and data analytics) to improve performance. Xerafy recently spoke with RFID Journal about the opportunities in this market.

Xerafy’s founder and CEO Dennis Khoo recently sat down for a lengthy interview with RFID Journal to discuss these applications, as well as the RFID opportunity in China’s oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is in the midst of a dramatic digital transformation, in which the use of analytics and real-time data are helping companies track and upgrade their field operations, improve inventory management, accelerate supply delivery, improve safety, and enhance asset management.


CNOOC’s primary objective was to improve the company’s ability to track the identity, integrity and lifecycle of each pipe

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PetroChina’s Xinjiang Oilfield to Track Thousands of Oil Pipes with Xerafy’s Solutions

China’s second-largest oil producer aims to improve safety and efficiency with Xerafy’s RFID pipeline tracking solutions.

PetroChina, China’s second largest oil and gas producer, will use Xerafy’s rugged RFID tags to track oil pipe assets at its Xinjiang Oilfield.

The project will start the deployment with 4,000 Xerafy Dot Wedge RFID tags on oil pipelines at Xinjiang and will use up to 100,000 tags per year over the next five years to improve the pipeline asset and lifecycle management, reduce costs and non-productive time in critical processes as well as risks related to pipeline failures.

Picture1Xerfay’s RFID Oil Pipe Tracking Solution at PetroChina’s Xinjiang Oilfield

(Source: Xerafy)

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Auto Parts Supplier Deploys Xerafy RFID for WIP Tracking

Slovenia-based TPV Group uses Xerafy’s Roswell tags to track auto parts throughout the production process.

SINGAPORE – (13-June-2018) Xerafy, the global leader powering data through innovation to transform industries and lives, is pleased to announce Slovenian automotive components manufacturer TPV Group has deployed Xerafy’s Roswell rugged RFID tags in their manufacturing process to improve the visibility, accuracy, and efficiency of its production processes.

TPV Group supplies body and chassis assemblies, seats and seat components, engine gaskets, and automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions to leading automotive manufacturers. The company operates five production sites in Slovenia as well as one in Serbia, and has more than 1,200 employees.

Picture1Automated RFID production line to track products through transport and cataphoretic line.

(Source: LOESS)

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Mexico City Police Department Selects Xerafy To Transform Its Weapons Management

The deployment of a new RFID-based weapons management solution delivers significant reduction in losses.

The Mexico City Police Department will deploy Xerafy Pico and Dot XS on-metal RFID tags for a weapons tracking application that will improve security and accountability of its armories.

Xerafy partner Ofi Equipos PC in Mexico is spearheading the project. The RFID solution was adopted in an effort to address an ongoing problem with the loss of police department weapons.


The Mexico City Police Department

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How E-vision Transforms Waste Collection With Real-Time Visibility Powered by Xerafy Technology

Mecca selected  E-vision to deploy its innovative waste collection solution alongside 15,000 rugged RFID tags from Xerafy activated in the field.

Xerafy, the global leader powering data through innovation to transform industries and lives, has announced that Saudi Arabian city Mecca has deployed Xerafy’s Micro X II RFID tags to successfully manage thousands of waste collection bins. Using Xerafy’s rugged tags and a software solution from E-vision, the city now has real-time visibility into its waste collection activities and vehicle fleet.

Mecca was looking for  a way to track the status of trash bins as well as the location of its waste collection vehicles.


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