IoT: Empowering A New Era of Asset Management

RFID will play a key role in how Internet of Things (IoT) technology shapes enterprises approach asset management in the future.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its rapid expansion, the technology will drive the next evolution of enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. According to Gartner, the IoT market will grow to more than 20 billion connected objects/things by 2020, and the market was already expected to be worth $2 trillion.  Business IoT spending represented 57 percent of overall IoT spending last year.


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Xerafy Featured on Beyond Clean Podcast

Featured guest, Moses Chang of Xerafy Healthcare, discusses RFID’s emerging role in surgical instrument tracking. Click here to listen to this Podcast interview hosted by Beyond Clean

Central sterile departments in healthcare facilities continue to struggle with efficiency and accuracy issues as they are under continued pressure to meet more stringent tracking requirements. Accurate sterilization data is critical to patient safety issues like secondary infection. RFID can improve these operations tremendously – that’s why Xerafy developed its own RFID-based surgical instrument tracking solutions.

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Supply Chain Management undergoing an IoT revolution

A new Boston Consulting Group study predicts wider adoption of IoT tech in the supply chain to automate inventory management processes.

According to a new RFID Journal article, “How the IoT is Providing Lessons for Supply Chain Innovation”, supply chain managers are embracing Internet of Things (IoT) tech, particularly in the area of inventory management.

A 2017 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study points out that IoT market in discrete manufacturing will grow from $10 billion in 2015 to $40 billion in 2020, and automated inventory management is one of the top most important use cases.

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RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2018 Debuts Automotive Track

The RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2018 conference features a new focus on automotive applications. Xerafy’s customers and technology partners will highlight Xerafy’s RFID and IIoT solutions at the show.

This year’s RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow conference will run on October 30 and 31 at the Darmstadtium in Germany. Fittingly, this year’s conference will feature a heavy focus on the automotive sector. As part of the Automotive Forum at the show, industry giants Mercedes and Volkswagen are participating. The two companies will conduct presentations during the conference sessions about how they have applied RFID as a key technology in supply chain and logistics applications.

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Unveiled: Gateway to Digital Transformation

RFID bridges the gap between physical and digital worlds to create unprecedented efficiencies and competitive advantages.

“Digital Transformation” is the latest tech-related buzzword to take hold in the press and in boardrooms around the world. The term means different things in different markets; but in general the idea of digital transformation revolves around breaking down barriers between the digital and physical worlds. In some cases, that may mean transforming paper-based information into digital data; creating digital avatars of physical machines or equipment in order to better monitor or control them; creating a more interactive online environment for customers; or linking more physical objects to the network.

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