End of Life Notification

Effective February 5, 2016, Xerafy will end production of the Micro iN, Nano iN, Global Trak II, Mercury Metal Skin inlay and Titanium Metal Skin inlay RFID tags.

Micro iN and Nano iN from Xerafy’s iN series, and Mercury inlay and Titanium inlay from the Metal Skin series will no longer be available for order. Xerafy will also be ending production of our Global Trak II RFID on- and off-metal tags, and customers are encouraged to transition to Global Trak I.

The original one-year warranty and return policy for discontinued RFID tags purchased before this notice remain valid.

To minimize any inconvenience, Xerafy is ready to work with you and provide any necessary assistance. You may contact your Xerafy sales representative for more information or advice on alternative RFID tag solutions.

Xerafy would like to thank you for your business and looks forward to bringing to you more great innovations in the future.

For more information, please contact sales@xerafy.com

Xerafy Dental Instrument Tracking in the News

LMDTS-reader-cassettes-webWe wrote late last year about an innovative dental instrument tracking application at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine (CDM). The application leverages Xerafy’s Dot XS and Dash XS ceramic RFID tags to track autoclavable dental instruments, as well as the Xerafy Pico and Slim Trak tags to track instrument cassettes (sets of instruments).

That case study was recently the subject of a lengthy profile story from RFID Journal that more fully outlines the solution, which was developed via a partnership between Xerafy and dental instrument supplier LM-Dental.

LM-Dental provides pre-tagged dental instruments, while CDM staff attach Xerafy tags to any non-LM instruments used at the school. There will be as many as 20,000 tagged instruments in use by students by the end of the year.

The RFID solution ensures that all of the instruments are accounted for and available for each procedure, and maintains sterilization data on each instrument and cassette. In the past, students had to keep track of all of this information manually. Tabletop RFID readers in various locations in the facility track instrument movement. Continue reading

Time for a Time-Sensitive IoT Standard

iotblog1.22We’ve written before about the need for more collaboration when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). Without more standardization around actually moving data from “things” to back-end databases, we could wind up with a tangle of siloed solutions.

RFID is already playing a major role in the development of the IoT. In the applications where Xerafy has the most experience – such as tagging assets and equipment in challenging environments like oil fields and operating rooms – RFID tags provide a way to collect and transmit real-time asset data that can then be turned into actionable business information, even when network availability is inconsistent or non-existent.

The IEEE 802 committee has begun work on one possible solution involving Time-Sensitive Networks (TSNs). Continue reading

Get the best print results on Xerafy’s popular flexible Metal Skin series of labels

824D16D8-71A2-4EE4-BD93-F9AE8A2F5B90It has been four years since the release of the world’s first flexible Metal Skin label – Mercury. During this time, Xerafy has continued to innovate and enhance the product line, launching different sizes of these flexible labels for various types of applications —Titanium Metal Skin and Platinum Metal Skin.

Fast forward to present, Xerafy’s patented Metal Skin has been widely deployed in the market for all sorts of applications from Healthcare to IT Asset Management, and even Retail. Metal Skin is popular with customers because it is cost effective and one of the best performing RFID labels out there for metal and liquid assets. Because it is flexible and low profile, all sizes of the Metal Skin can easily be printed and encoded using mainstream RFID printers on the market, such as those from Zebra, Sato and Toshiba.

To learn more about Mercury Metal Skin printing set up : Zebra ZM400, Zebra R110Xi4
To learn more about Platinum Metal Skin printing set up : Zebra ZM400
To learn more about Titanium Metal Skin printing set up : Zebra R110Xi4
To watch Mercury and Titanium printing video, please click: SATO CL4NX, Zebra ZM400, TOSHIBA SX5
To watch Platinum printing video, please click: Zebra ZM400