HPN: Keeping Track Pays You Back

The following is an excerpt of an article originally published on Healthcare Purchasing News by Valerie J. Dimond (

 Tracking solutions improve patient care and bottom line

As we move into the New Year, thanks to increasing reimbursement rates from private insurers, the future looks bright for for-profit hospitals, which are likely to see a 2.5 percent to 3 percent growth rate in 2018. But for not-for-profit and public healthcare facilities, the horizon looks a little dimmer as they continue to grapple with the same fiscal challenges as last year.  Despite good inpatient volume, for these facilities, revenue growth is likely to plummet in the months ahead as spending continues to climb. This is according to a 2018 outlook report by Moody’s Investor Service which says low government reimbursement rates — which accounted for 61 percent of gross patient revenue in 2016 — clinical staff shortages, labor costs, bad debt, escalating insurance deductibles and co-pays, and increased spending on essential technology all play a role. However, it’s essential technology that could also play a role in leading healthcare providers closer to the light.

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Airline Cuts Inventory Time 80 percent with Xerafy Automated Inventory Solution

Sichuan Airlines deploys Xerafy solution to track 60,000 assets in SAP.

SINGAPORE – (31 January 2018) Xerafy, the global leader and innovator of Gen2 passive UHF RFID metal tags, today announced that it has implemented its Automated Inventory Solution to help Sichuan Airlines track and manage more than 60,000 items for warehouse management and on board the aircrafts.PR_Picture1

Storage of high-value items at Sichuan Airlines Warehouse  at
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Aerospace and RFID: A Perfect Match

RFID technology improves MRO, supply chain, and asset operations throughout the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry embraced RFID technology early, and it’s easy to see why – manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus have a large number of high-value parts and components that are subject to complex tracking and regulatory requirements. A durable automatic identification technology that provides read/write capabilities without the need for connecting to a central database seems like a custom-fit solution.

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The Rise of IoT in Healthcare in 2018

The majority of healthcare organizations are deploying IoT technology to improve visibility and save costs. RFID-based healthcare tracking solutions can play a key role in hospitals’ digital transformation strategies.

Healthcare organizations lead the way in adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, leveraging this highly granular visibility solution to monitor patient status and reduce costs through better asset management.
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.06.17

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Industrial IoT, Edge Analytics Poised for Growth in 2018

Expert predictions and Xerafy’s business outlook survey indicate strong growth for RFID, IIoT applications in 2018.

While the first few weeks of any new year are often marked by individuals making New Year’s resolutions, companies likewise make their own resolutions and lists of strategic priorities. They also look ahead to what new market dynamics and industry trends might affect their businesses. With that in mind, we’ve closely followed the expert predictions around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) recently published over at RFID Journal. In addition, we’ve sifted through the data from our own business outlook survey results.


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