Balluff, Redledge, Fairfield and Xerafy Partner Host Open RFID Forum

Industrial equipment giant Balluff, supported by Redledge, Fairfield and Xerafy, held an open forum last week to discuss RFID including the technology, solutions, collective experiences and options available.

The forum, which ran from July 3 to July 4 in Balluff’s Manchester, UK, offices, was hosted by Product Marketing Manager Jim Wallace and supported by Commercial Manager Bryan Hall, with Andy O’Donnell (Managing Director, Redledge), Mark Lynch (Managing Director, Fairfield), and David Read (European Sales Director, Xerafy).

The day focused on end-to-end RFID solutions including warehouse management systems (WMS), healthcare, automated scanning systems, asset tracking and management, production monitoring, compliance and maintenance scheduling, and quality, safety and risk management.

It was very early on agreed that selecting the right partner, to assist defining the right solution for the right problem or benefit was essential, as part of this the right technologies and applications could be specified at the right stage of the process; ensuring the right steps for evaluation; determining return on investment and roll out, with full stakeholder approval was gained.

Several medical and health practitioners were present to discuss asset tracking, medical instrument tracking and wider applications concerning surgical kits, bringing laundry, medical records, drugs and consumables; patients and staff and other aspects together in an more aligned environment.

Mark Lynch of Fairfield discussed the history of Auto-ID in hospitals and the evolution of standards, previous solutions and current trends, Andy O’Donnell discussed solutions that had been delivered working with Fairfield and the applications of Balluff equipment. Xerafy’s Dot and Dash tags and Metal Skin were of extreme interest in this environment.

A number of service and solution providers to Industry were in attendance as well, covering logistics and warehouse operations and automation.

The more experienced partners who support the hosts with complementary technologies for client solutions added their knowledge to a great atmosphere and all in all a very well received couple of days. These open days are recommended, if Balluff host elsewhere or Redledge and Fairfield extend the tour, Xerafy looks forward to supporting the roadshow.

You can view photos from this event on our Facebook page.

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